Thailand adventure last part- The worst times


After amazing times in Phi Phi Island, it was time to leave for Bangkok for another adventures. The plan was to stay in Bangkok for 2-3 days then head to Chiang Mai, do a trip into the jungle on an elephant, hug the tigers, go to another island for full moon party. Of course we were ready for many other crazy spontenous alternatives as well. At the end we wanted to reach Cambodia and visit Angkor Wat which is one of my dream places and finally we were planing to fly to Bali to meet some friends there. Sounds like a great plan huh? Unfortunately we couldn’t do any of these because of serious of troubles we had:

After a tiring boat trip to Krabi, we were on the worst bus of the world heading to Bangkok. Although we were sweating like hell in the bus (it didn’t have any air conditioner) or hopping/shaking due to every little hole on the road i had fall a sleep really easily while thinking of Phi Phi Island adventures. I don’t know how long i slept, i woke up when the bus suddenly stopped in a small village, they wanted all of us to change the bus, at that moment i couldn’t understand why they did it. Anyway the second bus was way more comfortable then the first one ,at least it had an air conditioner, so i continued to my sleep without any break till Bangkok. When we arrived Bangkok around 4 am a taxi driver directly took our luggages and put on the tuk tuk. We were so sleepy that we accepted the fee he offered us, didn’t even negotiate. We could only understand the whole trap when we were about to pay the taxi fee. First Meryem told me ” i cannot find my money” then i checked, “me either!”. I cannot even explain how fool and bad i felt, we had been robbed! Then i remembered that i had hidden more than half of my money in my big luggage, what a relief! But unfortunately this relief didn’t last much, my money that i hardly earned after waitressing, babysitting in Australia were gone. A man was also hiding in the luggage room appearently and had searched all of my stuff and found my money too! It was the worst moments of my life. Only good thing was they hadn’t stolen our cards so Meryem went to the bank to withdraw some money to be able to pay the taxi fee but guess what, the trouble had already started and didn’t want to leave us alone: our only cash resource, the card got stucked in the cash machine! What could we do without any money? We decided to leave that country as soon as possible, we both just HATED Thailand so much, we took another taxi directly to the airport. After paying to the second taxi we had only 30 baht left which was around 1 dolar. With that money all we could buy was 4 biscuits that we have to share and save for the whole day. ( You may think that we could have bought some food with our credit cards but no we couldn’t have as nowhere accepted credit cards). We had to buy new plane tickets now and we didn’t even have any internet to check the prices. Only option was to wait on the long queue and ask to the company desks. For the same day there was a ticket to Kuala Lumpur for expensive price but we had no other choice we bought that one. While waiting for the boarding time, we went to the police but the worst and rudest police officer of the world asked the name of the company, we checked the tickets no name… we tried to remember what it was written on the bus, nothing! At that moment we understood why we changed the buses and why i slept like a baby. They had released sleeping gas into the bus and had robbed the whole bus ( This was common in Thailand ). All i could say was “i hate this country i hate these f*cking thieves!”

Leaving Thailand didn’t solve the problems of course, but was still better than being there. Yet when time passed the truth hit our faces; we were poor and miserable. We tried to stay at Kuala Lumpur airport but time didn’t wanna pass by. We had spent so much money for the plane tickets, buying new ones for the next few days was impossible. Our money was enough for only one night to stay in a hostel, only one night! So we took a bus to go the city center. We had no idea where we were, we just followed the people. When many people left the bus we also left. With our heavy luggages we started to look for a cheap hostel on the backstreets of Kuala Lumpur in the middle of the night. After maybe 1 hour of search we found not that cheap at least safe seemed hostel. It was a great feeling that we would sleep on a bed and there were a shower too! The next days would be tough so we had to get ready and save energy as much as we can.

The next day AGAIN we were on the streets with our luggages. We could go to visit the Petronas Towers but we were so desperate that we didn’t even have energy to go there. (We could only see it when we first arrived to KL from far far away), again we had to go back to our new home : airport!

The time was slower than ever at the airport we tried to wander inside but it was so small that we had seen everything in 20 mins and there were nothing except our lifesavers Starbucks and Mc Donalds. All we did for the next 3 days was to go to Starbucks, use the internet and then to Mcdonalds when we are hungry or when Starbucks was closed.

This is how we slept in Mcdonalds for 2 nights

This is how we slept in Mcdonalds for 2 nights

After the worst times of our lives the time to buy the tickets and fly back to Australia had finally come! But troubles kept following us. When buying the tickets to Australia, they were checking the visas before selling them. For my visa everything was fine but when it was Meryem’s turn, the guy said she cannot go back to Australia. We were shocked, how come?? “There is something wrong with her visa she cannot buy the ticket.” At that moment i thought every fucking bad scenario: What we will do now? I cannot go back without taking her! Meryem couldn’t even reply. This nightmare lasted for half an hour he called even called the consulate and at the end he said: ” Oh sorry we made a mistake”. We were almost having a heart attack, are you kidding?

These sentences are from my travel notebook, while counting the hours to leave after these troubles:

“…Probably we are having the worst times of our lives. If somebody else were in our case would cry but we are laughing, laughing like crazy. We know if we can handle it somehow and survive, it’ll be a good story…”

After this Asia adventure all i can remember is how happy i was, at the moments when we were landing on Australia, I was about to kiss the soil when i first got out of the plane. I looked around and felt like being transported hundreds of years forward, all the cars, skyscrapers seemed weird for a second, it was good, really good to be back to Australia, to technology, to my second home…

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