Great times! Swiss Alps-Interlaken

” We are on the train heading to Interlaken through Bern. The sun is fading between the snowy Alps, its rays are painting everything to orange, our train, the lake…It’s the most beautiful scene i’ve ever seen in my life, i cannot explain how lucky and happy i feel now…”

These are the sentences that i wrote to my travel notebook at that moment. I remember i never wanted that train journey to end, with my music everything was like in a fairytale, undescribable…

By night we arrived to Bern, bought our tickets to Wengen without having idea where it was. ( That’s where our couchsurfer was living). It costed us more than our plane tickets, but we had no choice, Switzerland was f*cking expensive. We had to change the train 3 times, where the hell is this Wengen!? As the officer had described us we changed the first train at that time we were around 750 m high from the sea level. Then we kept climbing up to 1000 m, passed between snowy forests with an old mountain train. After 2.5 hours of exciting journey we saw the the sign: Wengen! It was on the top of the Alps : 1275 m! Me and Meryem looked at each other, our happiness could be understood from our eyes. We were gonna couchsurf on the top of the Alps with ski instructors from all over Europe! The house we were gonna stay was a wooden mountain house. When we entered inside, the first thing we realized was the beer cans lined on the shelves. ” We just like to party” said our host when he saw we were looking at them. There were more good news, there was a party at that night for ski instructors in one of the hotels there! Everything was going just PERFECT! Our host even cooked us a really yummy pasta and offered some drinks before going to party. The party was awesome all ski instructors were almost our age, the drinks were cheap, there were even a fireplace, we were definitely having the best winter trip!!


The house we stayed

The house we stayed

On the morning when we woke up since everybody went to instruction we were alone at the house. I opened the window and saw the sun shining over the alps, we couldn’t realize that it was that amazing at night but yes it was. “I must be in heaven,” i thought, it was a heaven indeed…

For breakfast we went out and started to discover little town of Wengen. We found a market, bought some croissants and chocolates ( swiss chocolate was so delicious/cheap that we were eating them even for the breakfast). Meryem has a thing that she has to eat her meal in a nice place, even if she is starving she can wait till she catches that aura. We were at the top of the Alps everywhere was nice for me but for her we started to look for a better place. Finally just next to a little church against the Jungfrau we found a seat. ” Perfect, that’s it!” she said. Just me, Meryem, birds and Alps ate the best breakfast of our lives!

That's where we were having breakfast

That’s where we were having breakfast

The next day actually our plan was to go to the peak point, Jungfrau, but since it costed more than 100 swiss francs we had to chose the comparatively cheaper option: the lakes! Surprisingly during the whole trip when we were in Switzerland especially on the Alps the weather was so warm (in February) that we even saw some people sunbathing without a t-shirt so it was a great day to spend near the lakes. I put my earphones played my Alps song “Cry of the celts”  in replay and while enjoying the view, i took notes to my travel book. Interlaken which means between the lakes in German, as its name suggests, was surrounded with lakes, the scene of snowy mountains meeting with these clear lakes, if i should describe in one word…well there is no word for that. You should go and see it yourself if you have a chance.

Alps, lakes and me

Alps, lakes and me

This small town was so peaceful, me and Meryem were just HAPPY, eating our self-made sandwiches and chocolates near different lakes. We stayed in this dreamland till sunset and watched the best sunset of our lives! (I know i always say it was the best.. of our lives but you cannot understand it if you never been to Switzerland, it is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world)


Watching the sunset

When a day was ending like that i could only write these scratches to my notebook: i’m the luckiest person on earth!…

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